Through our knowledge of local SEO, we have the ability to setup a lead generation campaign customized to the specific city you are looking to generate calls from.

Unlike HomeAdvisor or other lead generation services, you won’t have to compete with other customers to get leads from your city of choice. We offer exclusivity for your industry & city.

We setup campaigns around your chosen city and keyword. This allows you to focus on your quality traffic in the geography you want to get business from

This is truly a “done-for-you” service. We own and manage any internet properties created. This takes a big burden off of local businesses because you don’t have to worry about managing your internet marketing for business generation. All you have to worry about is answering the phone!

We utilize tools such as call tracking and call recording to manage the quality of calls. We WILL NOT send spam calls your way. And if they do get through, we will take measures to prevent them.

We will not setup a lead generation campaign for industries that are not favorable for this type of service. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction, and we will make sure your industry is the right fit. Give us a call to discuss!

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