blogging Blogging is one of the most important online activities you can do to promote your business. Not only does it establish you as a subject matter expert, but provides a forum to interact with your customers and drives traffic to your website from Google. We offer a variety of services to help you make a blog and utilize this powerful medium.

Blog Website Integration

Take advantage of the traffic a blog can drive to your website through Blog Website Integration. This allows you to make a blog page right on your website, within your page structure.  This methodology allows for the keyword-rich blog content to be posted directly on your website- providing three benefits: 1) keeping your website fresh  2) driving search traffic to your website and 3) promoting interactive discussions with prospects/customers on your website.

Blog Social Media Integration

Increase the power of your blog through Blog Social Media Integration. We can connect your blog to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages- which will allow for automatic publishing of your blog to your social media profile page. Publishing your blog to your social media pages will increase viewership of your content and interaction with your prospects/customers.

Blog Management

Utilizing your social media content strategy, we can undertake the management of your blog. This involves blog content generation, search engine optimization of your blog posts, and regular publishing of your blog content onto your blog and social media profiles. We can effectively help you grow your blog presence and keep a regular, consistent message in front of your prospects/customers.

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