Email Marketing

email marketing port st lucie flWith the increased usage of smart phones, email marketing is regaining prominence- due to the fact users are checking their email more frequently during the day. Take advantage of this time-proven tactic to reach your customers. Consistent, timely messaging is the key to successful email marketing- let us help you develop a successful email marketing campaign!

Social Media Invites

Utilize your email contacts to grow your social network presence! We can help you craft an effective, concise email message to your customers or prospects inviting them to join you on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Google+. We can create the email invite for you and manage the execution of the email invites as well.

Monthly e-Newsletters

Stay in front of your customers and prospects. Monthly e-Newsletters can be used as a summary of activities that have taken place in your business over the past month. Social media updates, blog posts, events, news articles, press releases, new employee hires, new partnerships- the newsworthy items are endless! We can help you craft an effective monthly e-Newsletter to keep your customers informed and engaged. We can create the e-Newsletter for you and manage the execution of the e-Newsletter each month.


New product annoucements, new employee hires, new partnerships or a new membership in a social media network are all reasons to send out an email announcement. You can also utilize email announcements for customer birthdays, anniversary’s or other important life events as an important customer relationship initiative. We can help you develop an easy-to-use template for these email communications and we can handle the execution of these e-mails for you.

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