Keyword Research

keyword research port st lucie fomaxAs an integral part to both the social media strategy and search engine optimization efforts, keyword research and analysis should be conducted to determine 1) the most popular keywords and 2) keyword competition. Finding keywords that are both popular but not used often by competitors will help in presence in the search engines and social media sites. Looking at competitive keywords will help identify keywords that convert well. This work will include research of keywords recommended by both See Level Marketing and you, presentation of results, and choice of keywords to use across all internet marketing mediums.

Why Should You Do Keyword Research?

Keyword research basically allows you to identify what people are searching for online. If you know the search queries that are most often used by your prospects and customers, you can use these same search queries (or keywords) to help your business be found online. As an example, if I find out that consumers are searching for “realtor” versus “real estate agent”, then I will focus the content on my website, blog, social media, email marketing, etc to use the higher traffic keyword.

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