Website Development

Even though presence on the social networks is ever-increasing, it is still important to have an individual website presence. Why? You need to have your “home” on the web where customers and prospects can go to learn more about your products, services, read testimonials, new releases and learn about the employees of your company- just to name a few. If designed properly, websites give you credibility, establish your branding and can serve as an education tool- not to mention a place to host your blog! We offer a variety of web design services to help grow your web presence to a new level. Choose See Level Marketing to be your website builder.

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Search Engine Friendly Websites

Each website we build, we keep the search engines in mind. This involves using standard search engine optimization practices. When we consult with you to start the creation process, we will make recommendations for structure and functionality that will help in your search engine presence. We design and build websites in-house, so you can count on consistent See Level Marketing customer service. As your trusted website builder, know we will never build your website and leave you hanging. You can count on our customer service to make any web changes or answer any questions anytime you call. We do not charge a monthly maintenance fee either- issues are resolved on an hourly basis. We assist you in everything from securing a domain name to transferring domains to setting up web hosting to arranging your e-mail accounts. Let See Level build you a web presence that will not only be attractive to customers and prospects, but the search engines as well!

Mobile Websites

More and more time is being spent on mobile devices for shopping, browsing and information gathering. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If you are rebuilding your site or building a new website, we can make sure your new website is responsive. What is a responsive website? It allows your website to “shrink and expand” no matter what screen size the viewer is looking at your website on. Have a legacy website that cannot be rebuilt right now to be responsive? We can build you a separate mobile website that will show only to mobile users without a duplicate content penalty from Google.

e-Commerce Websites

Looking to sell your products online? See Level is your website builder! We will build your e-commerce products to be search-engine friendly and easy to navigate. From products to services, we will work with you to setup user accounts, user logins, account management and downloadable reports. Using the powerful tool of Google Analytics, you will be able to see which products are viewed and how users are finding them on your page. We can integrate PayPal, Google Checkout or other popular payment methods into your e-commerce store as well. Let See Level build you a powerful, easy to manage web store today.

Social Media Integration

One of the most important things you can advertise on your website are 1) your involvement in the social networks and 2) your blog! We can integrate social media functionality on many levels, such as:

  • Social media logos at the top of your webpage
  • Build in the Facebook comment structure to your posts/articles
  • Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn news feeds on your site
  • “Like” or “share” buttons on your company articles or posts
  • YouTube videos on any page of your website

Whatever your website development need, contact us to be your search engine friendly website builder today!