How To Drive Better Conversion on Facebook

Facebook continues to develop and improve their tools to allow you to promote yourself on your business page.
Consider utilizing these tactics to help drive conversion on Facebook:

1) Create a landing page.
Landing pages can be used for so many things! Create a “welcome” landing page to greet new visitors to your business page. Develop a landing page for a specific advertising campaign to increase new followers. Publish a landing page for an upcoming event or tradeshow you’ll be participating in. All of these types of landing pages give your Facebook followers a place ON FACEBOOK to access additional information about you without having to leave the network.

2) Customize your profile image monthly.
Keep up with the seasons or events going on throughout the year and customize your Facebook profile image each month. This is a way to continue to engage both existing followers as well as new followers- since every time you change your profile image on your business page it generates a notification on your follower’s wall.

3) Advertise.
Facebook is seeing some really great conversion rates with their sponsored stories advertising. Try some of the new options Facebook is offering to reach new followers in a new way. Facebook advertising offers a way to target geographically, by interest, by pages Facebook users already like, etc! Utilize this method to specifically target new Facebook followers.

These three tips should help you in your follower interaction. If you don’t know how to do any of these tactics, contact us and we can either train you or do it for you!

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