What is “Going Viral” Anyway? I call it Shareable Content

what is going viral
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You hear it all the time, people trying to create the next bit of content that will go “viral”. You hear this term so much, you start wondering just what that means. Why is everyone obsessed with “going viral”?

I think a better term is “shareable” content. Let’s create content that’s SHAREABLE. Great blog posts, great infographics, conversational posts on the social networks… let’s get people talking. And better yet, let’s get them talking about your business :).

How do you go about “going viral”, you say?

  1. Attach photos or videos with everything you do. People are very visual. Give them something to visually digest with your written content.
  2. Be unique. You have a unique perspective on the world through your own personality and business. Let that shine through. Don’t try to follow the cookie-cutter example of those around you in the industry. Try to think “outside the box” in ways that will connect with your customers. An example is a realtor in Orlando that made mock “press conferences” via YouTube videos on dry subjects like short sales and foreclosures. He didn’t follow the example of other realtors around him, he had fun with it. The result: shareable content! See his videos by clicking here.
  3. Be consistent. This is the biggest and hardest obstacle. Most small business owners I run into start with great momentum and then lose steam. A way to get around this is to develop an editorial calendar and stick to it. If you take the time once a month to sit down and plan what you’re going to share and talk about- it will be alot easier to keep going rather than rack your brain on what to write next. Here’s a great blog post on developing an editorial calendar.

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